An aspirational young man steps foot outside of his hometown for the first time following his best friend on the road to turn their life around.

Writer/ Director: Khaled Khella 
Cast: Mohammed El-Ghareeb - Kalabala - Khaled Khella

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2015

After the war started in Yemen early 2015, more than 3 million people have been internally displace and around 180,000 people have fled the country. Thousands of Yemeni refugees have returned to Yemen preferring the uncertainty of the war over the camps' conditions.

Producer/ Director/ DOP/ Editor: Sufian Abulohom
Executive Producer: Intsar Al-Eryani

Country: Yemen
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2018

Those at the front lines are the first witnesses to history and the vanguards of the “truth”— but is it enough just to see? Syrian civilian journalists risk their lives to tell their stories to the world. 

Writter/ Director: Faisal Attrache 
Music: "#SYRIA" by Omar Offendum
Cast: Jay Abdo - Ned Yousef - Ryan P. Shrime - Saher Alkhattib 

Country: Syria
Genre: Fiction 
Year: 2014

Imam, a family guy who's trying his best to survive and provide for his family merges into an adventure that might change his life and the conflict happens.

Director: Waleed Badawy
Cinematographer: Ashraf Badarawy
Music score: Tamer Karawan
Sound Mix: Tarek Hassanien
Sound: Mahmoud El Batout
Production Designer: Ramzy Ebied
Cast: Emad Ismail - Maged Abo Ouf, Hazem Kafrawy - Magdy Omar - Mona El Sheemee

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2011

A short film about Cairo the big city from the eyes of a street dog, who lives in the city with his only two dog friends, they love each other, they protect each other, they fight with each other.

Director: Adham Elsherif
Screenwriter: Atef Nashed
DOP: Bassam Ibrahim
Editor: Islam Amer 
Sound Mixing: Ahmed Nabil - Ahmed Kamal 
Narrator: Adel Abdelrazik

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2012

From belly dancers to crimes of passion, El Khateeb is short music film that pays homage to the golden age of Egyptian cinema.

Director/ Producer: Wesam Nassar
Screenwriter/ Producer: Hala Alsalman
Music: Mashrou' Leila - Omar Khorshid
Cast: Deana Nassar - Shadi Elkarra - Wesam Nassar

Country: Lebanon
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2014

Based on a text from the recent Egyptian novel The Revolution of 2053, by Mahmoud Uthman, and referencing a scene from Chris Marker’s La Jetée (1962), a time-traveller recounts his vision of the future of the Pyramids area, and by extension Egypt, in the year 2026 - a vision that strains to reach beyond, yet remains severely confined by the present’s imaginal constraints.

Director: Maha Maamoun
DOP: Kareem Seif
Editors: Louly Seif - Maha Maamoun
Cast: Ahmad Kamal

Country: Egypt
Genre: Experimental
Year: 2010

One night, Amr wanders alone in the streets of Bahari, the marginalized eastern shore of Alexandria. While he collects material for an art project he is allured to film a playful group of children. Two locals are provoked by Amr's actions leading to an encounter that evokes elusive fears and desires.

Director/ Screenwriter: Ahmed Ghoneimy
DOP: Islam Kamal
Editor: Perry Moataz
Cast: Yasser El Beltagy - Amr Wishahy - Mohamed El Sayed

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2012

To Remember

RIP Ramadan

RIP Ramadan
The Egyptian film director Mohamed Ramadan died in a snow storm in Saint Catherine mountain on Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 2014 in Sinai, Egypt.

RIP Bassel

RIP Bassel
The Syrian filmmaker Bassel Shehade was killed by a mortar grenade in Homs on Monday, May 28th, 2012 in Syria.