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A Resident Of The City - Adham Elsherif

"أحد سكان المدينة" "Ahad Sokan El Madina"
إخراج: أدهم الشريف

A short film about Cairo the big city from the eyes of a street dog, who lives in the city with his only two dog friends, they love each other, they protect each other, they fight with each other.

Director: Adham Elsherif
Screenwriter: Atef Nashed
DOP: Bassam Ibrahim
Editor: Islam Amer 
Sound Mixing: Ahmed Nabil - Ahmed Kamal 
Narrator: Adel Abdelrazik

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2012

El Khateeb - Wesam Nassar

"الخطيب" "El Khateeb"
إخراج: وسام نصار

From belly dancers to crimes of passion, El Khateeb is short music film that pays homage to the golden age of Egyptian cinema.

Director/ Producer: Wesam Nassar
Screenwriter/ Producer: Hala Alsalman
Music: Mashrou' Leila - Omar Khorshid
Cast: Deana Nassar - Shadi Elkarra - Wesam Nassar

Country: Lebanon
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2014



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