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Marimba - Amer Halasa

"ماريمبا" "Marimba"
إخراج: عامر هلسا


Sanad, a 24-year-old snobbish guy whose only concern in life is what brands he’s wearing or what phones he’s holding. On one Friday night, his friends pick him up on their way to a gathering. He rides in the car, not paying any attention to the old homeless man who has been sitting in front of his house for over a week. At the gathering, everyone is having a blast: chatting, smoking, drinking and getting less sober by the minute. Back at his house, his friend drops him off. While getting out of the car, he gets asked about the old man. He doesn’t give it any thought and walks back to the house. Stumbling to get in, he drops his keys and that’s where he “sees” the old man for the first time, yet does nothing to acknowledge his existence. The next day, on his way to meet up with the same friend, he witnesses an act of kindness that opens his eyes and makes him realize that he has to do something good to the old man.

Director/ Screenwriter/ Editor: Amer Halasa
DOP: Robert Abboud
Producer: Zaid Bawab
Cast: Issa Abu Aita - Mounir Khader - Kamal Odeh

Country: Jordan
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2013



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