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Blue Dive - Mostafa Youssef

"اللون الأزرق" "Al Lawn Al Azrak"
إخراج: مصطفى يوسف

As Selim, a diver bewitched by the sea, dies on a hospital bed, and as Mokhtar, a failed painter, contemplates on the color of death, Dalia, a nearby nurse, remembers her father's drowning. Set in the Mediterranean Alexandria, this is a story of a brief encounter which compares death to the sea.

Director/Screenwriter: Mostafa Youssef

DOP: Mohamed Abdel Raouf
Editor: Doaa Fadel
Music: Huda Asfour
Cast: Sayed Ragab - Donia Massoud - Atef Youssef

Country: Egypt



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