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Taxi - Marouan Omara

"تاكسي" "Taxi"
إخراج: مروان عمارة

A young girl who wears Al Neqab (Burka) is suddenly taking it off in the taxi and begins to put on her makeup. The taxi driver wonders and has a little conversation with her about why she’s wearing the Neqab and why she took it off. The film is based on a real story from the famous Egyptian book of Khaled El Khemisi (Taxi).

Director/DOP: Marouan Omara
Screenwriter: Emad El Gandour
Editor: Aly Morad
Music: Shiref El Wessemy
Cast: Kamal Soliman - Yara Goubran

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2008



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