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Saturday Morning Gift - Bassel Shahade

"هدية صباح السبت" "Hedeyet Sabah Al Sabt"
إخراج: باسل شحادة

A short film based on a real interview with a kid survived the 2006 war on Lebanon.

Filmmaker: Bassel Shahade
Cast: Ziad Salame - Dina Bouz
Sound: Munsef Turkmani
Set Design Assistance: Layal Jazi

Country: Syria
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2011

Day Of Revolt - Mohamed Salah

"يوم الغضب" "Yom El Ghadab"
إخراج: محمد صلاح

Egypt's day of revolt, 25 January 2011
Cairo, Tahrir Square

Filmmaker: Mohamed Salah

Country: Egypt
Genre: Animation
Year: 2011

How To Fuck Up Your Mind - Aya Tarek

"How To Fuck Up Your Mind"
إخراج: آية طارق

The situation gets silly and overrated when media/people pay extra attention to a young trend starter, will he be able to retrieve his peace of mind?

Director/Animator: Aya Tarek
Compositor/Editor: Salma El Dardiry
DOP: Mohamad El Hadidi
Cast: Ahmed Ragab
Music: Marian Mentrup

Country: Egypt
Genre: Animation
Year: 2010

To Feel Cold - Hala Lotfy

 " Ann Al Sho'our Bel Berouda" "عن الشعور بالبرودة"
إخراج: هالة لطفي

Talks by women in modern Egypt.

Director/Screenwriter: Hala Lotfy

Country: Egypt
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2005

Pixelated Red - Mohamad El Hadidi

"أحمر مبكسل" "Ahmar Mepaxel"
إخراج: محمد الحديدي

Director: Mohamad El Hadidi
Screenwriter: Ahmed Magdy
DOP: Nermeen Salem
Editor: Hend Bakr
Year: 2010

Girls' Talk - Mayye Zayed

"كلام بنات" "Kalam Banat"
إخراج: ميّ زايد

Friendship can find its way in the weirdest places...

Director: Mayye Zayed
Screenwriter: Hend Bakr - Mayye Zayed
DOP: Ahmed Magdy
Editor: Mahmoud El Soghiar - Mayye Zayed
Year: 2010

Beep - Kaiser Moussa

"بيب" "Beep"
إخراج: كايزر موسى

Filmmaker: Kaiser Moussa
Year: 2010

Zlezla - Sharif El Sayed

An animated film based on an Egyptian folk story, created by a group of Egyptian kids in 2008. Ages are from 6-11.

Director: Sharif El Sayed
Narrator: Kohinour Osman
Music: Ahmed Hafiz
Year: 2008

Papa - Ahmed El Samra

"بابا" "Baba"
إخراج: أحمد السمرة

Many of us aspire for faith and wisdom,, And most of us would take the same route, But the endings are not always the same for all of us .

Filmmaker: Ahmed El Samra
Year: 2009

I'm Still Fine - Mahmoud Elmasry

"أنا لسة كويس" "Ana Lessa Kowayes"
إخراج: محمود المصري

Director/Animator: Mahmoud Elmasry
DOP: Ayman El Nokaly
Editor: Ahmed El Kassas
Voices: Mohamed Mahmoud
Year: 2010

Malak .. Hanem - Mohamed Fathallah

"ملك .. هانم" "Malak .. Hanem"
إخراج: محمد فتح الله

Screenwriter/DOP/Director: Mohamed Fathallah
Editor: Dalia Mosa'ad
Cast: Samar Abdel Wahab - Samia Asaad
Year: 2009

Autumn Breeze - Amer Daboub/Mayye Zayed/Omar Rachedi/Omar Ahmad/Youmna Habbouche

"نسمة خريف" "Nesmet Khareef"
إخراج: عامر دعبوب - عمر أحمد - عمر راشدي - ميّ زايد - يمنى حبوش

Cairo may seem as a city in its autumn years with all its contradictions, negative attitudes and positive ones but who says that autumn is the end not the beginning? Without it flowers wouldn't have blossomed all over again.

Filmmakers: Amer Da'boub (Jordan) - Mayye Zayed (Egypt) - Omar Rachedi (Algeria) - Omar Ahmad (Egypt) - Youmna Habbouche (Lebanon)

Year: 2008

Public Domain - Islam Kamal

"الملكيات العامة" "El Melkeyat El Amma"
إخراج: إسلام كمال

The act of looking. It is waiting for the tram to your terrace seek an answer to the question that you can not imagine. The act of watching or daydreaming is a crossroads with what you see. Mental images you produce are like fingerprints: unique and forgettable. Sometimes you do not even know that thou hast produced because it is impossible for me to account for your presence in this world despite the fact that you're there because we are addicted to the habit, habituder any Image emptied of meaning but consumed only for the act of eating, boredom and fear of life is the result, it is engaged in any kind of module, we consume without thinking. The act of looking is the least in the eyes of the Egyptian people who have their own conceptions of "true and false". The film uses the "public domain" as audio-visual material.

Filmmaker: Islam Kamal
Year: 2008

Rihla - Farida Khalil

"رحلة" "Rihla"
إخراج: فريدة خليل

A middle-class Egyptian family is on a trip. Along the way, they come across hitchhikers.
Rihla means "trip" in arabic: it is twofold in this short:
1- literally, they are traveling
2- the journey of the heart

Filmmaker: Farida Khalil
Music: Orba Squara - Alberto Iglesias - Black.
Year: 2009

Silent Conversation - Laila Masri

"محادثة صامتة" "Mohadtha Sameta"
إخراج: ليلى مصري

Filmmaker: Laila Masri
Year: 2006

42 Cm Squared - Hakam El Majed

"٤٢ سم مربع" "42Cm Moraba3"
إخراج: حكم الماجد

This is a short Documentary about the death of 4 year old Mohammad Abu Wardeh after the Israeli goverment did not permit him to leave the Gaza strip for medical care. The article published by the the rai newspaper was as big as a buisness card, about 42 cm squared.

Filmmaker: Hakam El Majed
Year: 2009

Weeping - Ahmed Nabil

"بكاء" "Bokaa"
إخراج: أحمد نبيل

Director: Ahmed Nabil
Year: 2009

Watermelon - Chantal Khalaf

"بطيخ" "Bateekh"
إخراج: شانتال خلف

A young girl is preparing herself to go to work. Her companion is asleep, he falls into a dream carried away by sounds she emits...

Director: Chantal Khalaf
DOP: Gilbert Fachkha
Editor: Hani Faddool
Cast: Shady Tannous - Eliane Beyrouthy
Year: 2008

Beirut, I Love You (I Love You Not) - Mounia Akl/Cyril Aris

"بيروت, أحبك (لا أحبك)" "Beirut, Ohebok (La Ohebok)"
إخراج: مونيا عقل/سايريل أريس

Beirut, I Love You (I Love You Not), a Beirut-ish tribute to Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Amelie Poulain, is a short film by Mounia Akl & Cyril Aris about (fleeting) love & the little pleasures in life, all set and in relation with the very inspiring city of Beirut.

Screenwriter/Director: Mounia Akl - Cyril Aris
Editor: Cyril Aris
Cast: Mounia Akl - Cyril Aris
Year: 2009

Mind - Karim Shaaban

"عقل" "Akl"
إخراج: كريم شعبان

Don't force the human, but don't give him a choice either!
His mind confuses him enough...
What he wants today, and so eagerly desires,
is what tomorrow, he desires to get rid of!
Oh! I wonder?!
-Salah Jahin (Egyptian Poet)-

Filmmaker: Karim Shaaban
Year: 2008

No Reason - Islam Ahmad

"مفيش سبب" "Mafish Sabab"
إخراج: إسلام أحمد

Filmmaker: Islam Ahmad
Sound Designer: Tamer El Hoseny
Editor: Hala Mohy El Deen
Year: 2004

His Head's Crown - Ahmed Gharib

"تاج راسه" "Tag Rasoh"
إخراج: أحمد غريب

Filmmaker: Ahmed Gharib
Year: 2007

Light - Mohanad Hassan

"نور" "Nour"
إخراج: مهند حسن

Man is always trying to reach the light, even if it takes determination, hope and great effort.

Animator/Director: Mohanad Hassan
Editor: Haitham El Shal
Sound Designer: Mohamed Ibrahim
Year: 2006

Message - Mahmoud Elmasry

"رسالة" "Ressala"
إخراج: محمود المصري

Director/Animator: Mahmoud Elmasry
Compositing: Karim Mohamed
DOP: Ayman El Nokaly
Editor: Ahmed El Kassas
Year: 2010

The Advertisement - Amr Salama

"الإعلان" "Al Ellan"
إخراج: عمرو سلامة

Screenwriter/Director: Amr Salama
DOP: Hany Gamal
Editor: Amr Salah Eldeen
Cast: Ahmed Fahmy - Hesham Maged
Year: 2006

Nada's Journal - Saad Hendawy

"يوميات ندى" "Yawmeyat Nada"
إخراج: سعد هنداوي

Nada’s Journal is about a girl dealing with the pressures and discoveries of growing up.

Director: Saad Hendawy

Case Of Rythem - Dani Shahfeh

"حالة إيقاع" "Halet Ikaa"
إخراج: داني شحفة

Screenwriter/Animator/Director: Dani Shahfeh
Compositing: Tamim El Ashkar - Mohamad Mousally
Editor: Skanadar Moassab

I am Asser - Ramy Rizkallah

"أنا آسر" "Ana Asser"
إخراج: رامي رزق الله

This film explores a very intense relationship between a Mom and her Son. His quest to discover freedom.

Director: Ramy Rizkallah
Screenwriter: Manal ElMotey - Ramy Rizkallah
DOP: Joseph Louis
Cast: Bushra - Magd Shaarawy
Year: 2011

Swing - Aya Zakaria

"المرجيحة" "Aya Zakaria"
إخراج: آية زكريا

A film By: Aya Zakaria
Year: 2009

Light Painting - Salma Eldardiry

"Light Painting"
إخراج: سلمى الدرديري

Photography/Animation/Compositing : Salma Eldardiry/Jan Koester
Music/Sound Design: Marian Mentrup/Michal Krajczok
Year: 2010

Imagination Less - David Habchy

"Khayal Less" "less خيال" 
إخراج: دافيد حبشي

Filmmaker: David Habchy
Voice/Poetry/Concept: Soha Awwad
Year: 2006

Neon Lamp - Emad Maher

"لمبة نيون" "Lamba Neon"
إخراج: عماد ماهر

Director/Editor: Emad Maher
Screenwriter: Charles Akl
DOP: Islam Kamal
Cast: Mark Lotfy - Mohamed Kareem - Mostafa Abo Seree - Shady el Garf - May Walid
Year: 2008

der Spot - Mohamed Salah

"der Spot"
إخراج: محمد صلاح

Filmmaker: Mohamed Salah
Music: Marian Mentrup
Sound Design: Michal Krajzock
Year: 2010

Hollow Inside - Gehad Abdel Nasser

"فاضي من جوه" "Fady Men Gowa"
إخراج: جهاد عبد الناصر

His day begins like his end --inside him hollow and empty ...nothing important

Filmmaker: Gehad Abdel Nasser
Year: 2007

Resemblances - Sherief Zohairy

"أشياء مشابهة" "Ashia' Moshabha"
إخراج: شريف الزهيري

Director/Editor: Sherief Zohairy
DOP: Emad Maher
Year: 2009

Overload - Karim Shaaban

A Film By: Karim Shaaban
Year: 2008

General Situation - Nart Alkass

"حالة عامة" "Hala Amma"
إخراج: نارت القاس

Character Designer/Animator/Director: Nart Alkass
Editor: Ayman Al Alao
Music/Sound Effect: Elias Abo Asale

A Cream Cake - Ahmed Magdy

"كيكة بالكريمة" "Caika Bel Crèma"
إخراج: أحمد مجدي

Under the cold concrete bridge, and between piles of trash and garbage... There’s a glance of hope to find some love and happiness. And there’s also Caika Bel Crèma.

Director/Screenwriter: Ahmed Magdy
Editor: Michel Youssef
D.O.P: Haissam Zaky
Cast: Essam Ismaiil, Rim Hegab, Ali Khamis
Year: 2008

Together.. We can - Islam Ahamd

"كلنا مع بعض نقدر" "Kolena Ma'a Ba'd Ne'dar"
إخراج: إسلام أحمد السيد

Director : Islam Ahmad El Said
Production : Beats Creative House
Year: 2010

Male & Female - Ahmed Adel

"ذكر و أنثى" "Thakar W Ontha"
إخراج: أحمد عادل

Director: Ahmed Adel
Year: 2010

Absent Spaces - Laila Hotait

"فراغ مفقود" "Faragh Mafkoud"
إخراج: ليلى حُطيط

Lebanon, summer of 2006. A young artist receives a phone call that makes her want to protect her personal space and life project.

Director: Laila Hotait
Screenwriter: Laila Hotait
DOP: Mackenzie Mathis
Editor: Laila Hotait
Cast: Nadia Hotait, Hossam Al Hamalawy
Year: 2008

Spring 89 - Ayten Amin

"ربيع ٨٩" "Rabie 89"
إخراج: أيتن أمين

Camelia and Sarah in the last spring of the eighties...their last days of innocence a story told twice by 2 different girls or rather 2 similar girls.

Director: Ayten Amin
Screenwriter: Wessam Soliman
DOP: Mahmoud Lotfy
Editor: Nadia Hassan
Cast: Fatma Adel, Salma Said, Bassem Tabana

Rise & Shine - Sherif El Bendary

"صباح الفل" "Sabah El Fol"
إخراج: شريف البنداري

A woman is searching aggressively for her lost apartment keys. During her search, she is visited by some unsavory memories she has been repressing. 

Director: Sherif El Bendary
Cast: Hend Sabry
Year: 2005

The Elevator - Hadil Namzy

"الأسانسير" "El Assenseur"
إخراج: هديل نظمي

A suppressed girl of late twenties (couldn't build a sentimental relation) come under incidental sudden detention inside an elevator breakdown, she couldn't contact anyone due to unknown problem, she received wrong telephone call. All of a sudden the caller started to flirt her while she couldn't restrain him. The wrong telephone call developed and switched to be a sentimental relation via telephone and the girl start to reflect her desire not to leave her siege.

Director: Hadil Nazmy
Screenwriter: Hadil Nazmy
D.O.P: Kaiser
Editor: Kaiser
Cast: Laila Samy
Year: 2004



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