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"طلقة" "Talka"
إخراج: محمد الكاتب


Although everyone who has witnessed the accident analyzed it their own way,the ending remains the same. Only one shot will finalize the whole matter.

Director/Screenwriter/Editor: Mohamed El-Kateb
DOP: Moustafa Eissa
Cast: Ahmed Salah El-Shazly - Amin El-Siwy - Marwan Hatem - Mohamed El-Kateb

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2012
"رجل في فنجان" "Ragol Fi Fengan"
إخراج: يحيى العبدالله

This film is based on a novel by Hadiyah Hussein, an Iraqi writer living in Amman. Does the wife live in a real state of loneliness or is it only her imagination? This silent film depends on audio-visual imagery to illustrate this emotional condition.

Director/Screenwriter: Yahya Al Abdallah

DOP/Editor: Iyad Hamam
Cast: Dalia Za'tara - Mahmoud Rasheed

"اللون الأزرق" "Al Lawn Al Azrak"
إخراج: مصطفى يوسف

As Selim, a diver bewitched by the sea, dies on a hospital bed, and as Mokhtar, a failed painter, contemplates on the color of death, Dalia, a nearby nurse, remembers her father's drowning. Set in the Mediterranean Alexandria, this is a story of a brief encounter which compares death to the sea.

Director/Screenwriter: Mostafa Youssef

DOP: Mohamed Abdel Raouf
Editor: Doaa Fadel
Music: Huda Asfour
Cast: Sayed Ragab - Donia Massoud - Atef Youssef

Country: Egypt
"البورتريه" "El Portraih"
إخراج: أحمد مجدي

An artist paints portraits at the time of the Egyptian revolution, indifferent to the events that take place in Egypt.

Director/DOP/Editor: Ahmad Magdy

Screenwriter: Wafaa Yehia - Hossna Hanafy - Abdel Aziz Ghis - Mohamed Sherif - Dina Assar
Sound Recording/Storyboarding: Mohamed Sherif
Cast: Dina Assar - Moustafa El-Deghedy

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2012
"سوف ياتي .. !!" "!! .. Sawf Ya'ty"
إخراج: محمد الكاتب


She spends most of the day alone, she finds no one but her dolls to tell them about an old story she still remembers from her childhood as she has always wished to be the heroine.

Filmmaker: Mohamed El-Kateb
Cast: Reem Soliman - Taher El-Hadidi

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2013
"بعيداً عن الحرارة" "Ba'eedan An El Harara"
إخراج: مينا نبيل

Tensions rise between a young pharmacist and a volatile customer asking for medication.

Director/Screenwriter/DOP: Mina Nabil

Cast: Saeed Kabil - Rimon Ezzat

"تاكسي" "Taxi"
إخراج: مروان عمارة

A young girl who wears Al Neqab (Burka) is suddenly taking it off in the taxi and begins to put on her makeup. The taxi driver wonders and has a little conversation with her about why she’s wearing the Neqab and why she took it off. The film is based on a real story from the famous Egyptian book of Khaled El Khemisi (Taxi).

Director/DOP: Marouan Omara
Screenwriter: Emad El Gandour
Editor: Aly Morad
Music: Shiref El Wessemy
Cast: Kamal Soliman - Yara Goubran

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2008
"ذاكرة الأشياء" "Zakerat Al Ashya'y"
إخراج: منى لطفي

Director/Screenwriter: Mona Lotfy
DOPs: Tudor Amin - Mona Lotfy
Editor: Ibrahim Abdo
Cast: Dalia El Seginy

Country: Egypt
Genre: Experimental
Year: 2011
"قهوة عادي" "Ahwa Ady"
إخراج: ريتش بترا

In a regular cafe in Cairo a relationship goes through its first big test.

Writer/Director: Ritesh Batra

DOP: Islam Abdelsamie
Editor: Wajdi Elian
Producers: Wajdi Elian - Guneet Monga - Alaa Mosbah 
Cast: Mai Abozeed - Alaa Ezzat

Country: Egypt
"إعاده تأهيل" "E'adet Ta'heel"
إخراج: أحمد مجدي

When we are born we are spoon fed information and we are told they are "true" but what if they are not? Who is supposed to have the ultimate truth and why?

Filmmaker: Ahmad Magdy
Cast: Sherif Abuelala - Salah Haggag - Rami Alaa - Inji Ossama

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2012
"عاطف" "Atef"
إخراج: عماد ماهر

Rains and confused names can sometimes be a catalyst for two strangers to have a conversation!

Director/Editor: Emad Maher

Screenwriter: Mohamed El Hajj
DOP: Ahmed Ghoneimy
Music: Samir Nabil 
Cast: Sara Elhawary – Islam Kamal – Haisam Yehia

Country: Egypt
"٦ دقائق" "Set Daka'ek"
إخراج: يحي العبدالله

This documentary focuses on the cultural state of Jordanian youth, by asking a sample of college students questions about their political, literary, cultural, cinematic and artistic lives, at a time when the media messages have deteriorated on one hand, the interests of Jordanian youth have become shallow, on the other. The film’s message lies in its sobering ending.

Filmmaker: Yahya Al Abdullah

Country: Jordan
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2005
"قاهرة" "Qahera"
إخراج: عمرو وشاحي

A severe old man wakes up thirsty and finds the tap won't work. Thus starts a chain of events linking men of all generations.

Director/DOP: Amr Wishahy
Screenwriters: Amr Wishahy - Mohammed Fahmy - Sherif Kamel
Editors: Amr Salah - Amr Wishahy

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2007
"وجوه الفيوم" "Wujouh Al-Fayoum"
إخراج: إسلام العزازي

A documentary on the mysterious Fayoum ancient funerary portraits from the Graeco-Roman era in Egypt.

Director/Screenwriter: Islam El Azzazi
DOP: Ahmed Abdel Aziz
Editor: Tamer Ezzat

Country: Egypt
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2001



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