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Memory Of Things - Mona Lotfy

"ذاكرة الأشياء" "Zakerat Al Ashya'y"
إخراج: منى لطفي

Director/Screenwriter: Mona Lotfy
DOPs: Tudor Amin - Mona Lotfy
Editor: Ibrahim Abdo
Cast: Dalia El Seginy

Country: Egypt
Genre: Experimental
Year: 2011

Café Regular, Cairo - Ritesh Batra

"قهوة عادي" "Ahwa Ady"
إخراج: ريتش بترا

In a regular cafe in Cairo a relationship goes through its first big test.

Writer/Director: Ritesh Batra

DOP: Islam Abdelsamie
Editor: Wajdi Elian
Producers: Wajdi Elian - Guneet Monga - Alaa Mosbah 
Cast: Mai Abozeed - Alaa Ezzat

Country: Egypt

Rehabilitation - Ahmad Magdy

"إعاده تأهيل" "E'adet Ta'heel"
إخراج: أحمد مجدي

When we are born we are spoon fed information and we are told they are "true" but what if they are not? Who is supposed to have the ultimate truth and why?

Filmmaker: Ahmad Magdy
Cast: Sherif Abuelala - Salah Haggag - Rami Alaa - Inji Ossama

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2012



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