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The Gentleman - Talal Khoury

"الرجل المحترم" "Ar-ragol Al Mohtaram"
إخراج: طلال خوري

The film is an illustration of a poem. It’s about a man who was struggling to remain decent. Gradually, he started to fall apart and to loose hope. It shows the contradictions of the human being and the combination that exist between tenderness and violence.

Director/DOP: Talal Khoury
Editor: Koussay Hamze
Sound: Rayan El Oubeydyin
Music: Khaled Sobeih
Poem: Samer Abu Hawach
Cast: Saeed Serhan - Rayan Majed - Zeina Demeleros - Hamzah Khodor

Country: Lebanon
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2007



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