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Samaa' - Fady Copty

"سماء" "Fady Copty"
إخراج: فادي قبطي

Samaa` has spent her childhood following the dream of becoming a professional dancer, but as she graduated from high-school her father insisted that she should gain an academic education. So she turned to learn psychology. But the passion for dance did not die in her and she tries to go and make her own personal revolution and fulfill her childhood dream.Based on a real story and played by the real-life characters.

Director: Fady Copty
DOP: Riyad Shammas
Editor: Sari Bisharat - Fady Copty
Music: Ibrahim Zaher
Cast: Samaa` Wakeem - Rabeaa Rouby - Saleem Wakeem - Narmeen Khoury

Country: Palestine
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2011



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