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One Eye Open - Ikon

"عين واحدة مفتوحة" "Ain Waheda Maftouha"
إخراج: أيكون

Being Japanese-Egyptian has enriched many aspects of my life, but at times, this can also be disconcerting. Living mostly in Egypt with brief stays in Japan, I needed to discover the other side of my identity. However I was always busy with life obligations. Finally, I promised myself to go to Japan to explore this unbeaten path. For a year, I have been to many cities, towns and places exploring this world I belonged to yet knew vaguely. I have documented some of my experience and wanted to express it through this short film. Without a script, a plan or a crew, I took the challenge of reflecting the journey and making the film myself from A to Z.

Filmmaker: Ikon

Country: Egypt
Genre: Experimental



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