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Once Upon A Piano - Fadi Haddad

"ع سيرة البيانو" "A Seeret Al Piano"
إخراج: فادي حداد

Since childhood throughout his gloomy life, only one thing used to pull Salem out of his despair; a beautiful girl playing piano behind a window in the next building. When an old friend comes to town with a tempting job offer abroad, Salem feels compelled to find a solid reason to stay, he decides to go and meet the piano girl.

Director/Screenwriter/Editor: Fadi Haddad
DOP: Ahmad Khatib
Music: Dr. Najati Al Suloh
Sound Design: Baha' Othman
Cast: Baha' Othman - Sari Abul Adel - Ali Maher - Lena Bitar - Ruba Haddad - Maryanne Doleh

Country: Jordan
Genre: Fiction



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