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Local Copy - Islam Kamal

"نسخة شعبية" "Noskha Sha'beya"
إخراج: إسلام كمال

We follow four young people through Alexandria en route to the square outside the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It slowly becomes apparent what this meeting is all about. The prostitute Marwa and her boyfriend agree to meet a regular customer, the student Adel, and his friend. The public nature of the spot she chooses, the square in front of the Bibliotheca Alexandria, irritates him. A beautiful play unfolds in front of bystanders.

Director/Screenwriter: Islam Kamal
DOP: Tamer Nady
Editor: Islam Kamal - Emad Maher
Music: Samir Nabil
Cast: Ahmed Mustafa - Saeid Kabil - Violla Fayez - Sarah Shalaby

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2010



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