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Day & Night - Islam El Azzazi

"نهار وليل" "Nahar Wa Leil"
إخراج: إسلام العزازي

On the cusp of middle age, Raouf (Bassem Samra) struggles with doubts over his pretty fiancée Nadia (Hind Sabry) while construction on his menswear outlet runs over schedule and budget. When not stung by old sibling rivalry or swept away by sepia childhood flashbacks, he’s addled by the bald painter who dances like Shakira. It’s just another ordinary day in Alexandria, in this taut melodrama starring two of Egypt’s most famous faces.

Director/Screenwriter: Islam El Azzazi
DOP: Nancy Abdoul Fattah
Editor: Dina Farouk
Cast: Bassem Samra - Hend Sabry - Youssef Abdoul Hameid - Bassem Adly

Country: Egypt
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2006

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