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Bitter Days - Amjad Al Rasheed

"يوم مر .. و يوم أمر" "Yawm Morr.. Wa Yawm Ummar"
إخراج: أمجد الرشيد

ASMA, a 12 year-old girl, works as a shoe-cleaner on the streets of Aqaba, Jordan to support her sick mother and younger sister, 8 year-old REEM. Asma copes and escapes the consequences of her poverty into her own personal dream world by sniffing shoe-adhesive.

Director: Amjad Al Rasheed
Screenwriter: Kasem Kharsa
DOP: Samer Nimri
Editor: Fadi G Haddad
Music: Ehab Abu Hammad
Cast: Tala Abu Najem - Yasmin Asaad - Mervat Aksoy - Aladdin Qaraqish -  Ahmad Khateeb



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