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Public Domain - Islam Kamal

"الملكيات العامة" "El Melkeyat El Amma"
إخراج: إسلام كمال

The act of looking. It is waiting for the tram to your terrace seek an answer to the question that you can not imagine. The act of watching or daydreaming is a crossroads with what you see. Mental images you produce are like fingerprints: unique and forgettable. Sometimes you do not even know that thou hast produced because it is impossible for me to account for your presence in this world despite the fact that you're there because we are addicted to the habit, habituder any Image emptied of meaning but consumed only for the act of eating, boredom and fear of life is the result, it is engaged in any kind of module, we consume without thinking. The act of looking is the least in the eyes of the Egyptian people who have their own conceptions of "true and false". The film uses the "public domain" as audio-visual material.

Filmmaker: Islam Kamal
Year: 2008



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