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Black Out - Mohamad El Hadidi/Mayye Zayed

"Black Out"
إخراج: محمد الحديدي - مي زايد

On June 7 2010, Khaled Saeed a 28-year-old Egyptian was allegedly tortured to death at the hands of two officers in plain clothes after refusing to be searched under the emergency law while he was sitting in an internet cafe. The Egyptian government denied the content of the testimonies of eyewitnesses as well as reports by human rights organizations and claimed that Khaled Saeed was a "wanted criminal" who died of ASPHYXIATION after swallowing a packet of drugs. The video is about a demonstration that took place on June 16, 2010 near Khaled Saeed's house in Cleopatra district in Alexandria protesting against his murder.

Director: Mohamad El Hadidi - Mayye Zayed
DOP: Mohamad El Hadidi
Editor: Mayye Zayed
Year: 2010



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