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Beirut, I Love You (I Love You Not) - Mounia Akl/Cyril Aris

"بيروت, أحبك (لا أحبك)" "Beirut, Ohebok (La Ohebok)"
إخراج: مونيا عقل/سايريل أريس

Beirut, I Love You (I Love You Not), a Beirut-ish tribute to Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Amelie Poulain, is a short film by Mounia Akl & Cyril Aris about (fleeting) love & the little pleasures in life, all set and in relation with the very inspiring city of Beirut.

Screenwriter/Director: Mounia Akl - Cyril Aris
Editor: Cyril Aris
Cast: Mounia Akl - Cyril Aris
Year: 2009



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