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Autumn Breeze - Amer Daboub/Mayye Zayed/Omar Rachedi/Omar Ahmad/Youmna Habbouche

"نسمة خريف" "Nesmet Khareef"
إخراج: عامر دعبوب - عمر أحمد - عمر راشدي - ميّ زايد - يمنى حبوش

Cairo may seem as a city in its autumn years with all its contradictions, negative attitudes and positive ones but who says that autumn is the end not the beginning? Without it flowers wouldn't have blossomed all over again.

Filmmakers: Amer Da'boub (Jordan) - Mayye Zayed (Egypt) - Omar Rachedi (Algeria) - Omar Ahmad (Egypt) - Youmna Habbouche (Lebanon)

Year: 2008



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